Champs from the Start

The Savannah Bananas’ story has been nothing short of… well… bananas.

When the team name was announced in February 2016, it had people shaking or scratching their heads in confusion and doubt. Then on opening night, they blew the world’s mind when they gave the fans unparalleled between-inning entertainment. Oh, right, and a baseball game.

Have you seen a toddler race against a turtle? Been entertained by a sensational Senior Citizens dance team? Watched as a family vs. family smashes whip cream pies in each other’s faces? Taken a picture with an anthropomorphized banana with abs?

Well, maybe you have, but probably not at a baseball game. Unless you’ve been to a Bananas game. Either way, that’s just a sampling of what could happen at a Bananas Game.

When you come and see the Bananas at Historic Grayson Stadium, you can join the fun and go all out bananas. Enjoy Savannah Banana Beer from Service Brewing or Banana Split Cream Soda. Wear your favorite banana gear or BE a banana!

Game Changers

The Man in the Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole, owner, puts the Fans First. Because of that, he and his team have devised some epic changes.

Hitter walk-ups boring? Not when you are escorted by a pep band.

Openings boring? Not when you honor a Banana Baby a la Lion King style.

Pants? Nope, Kilts. Mostly around St. Patrick’s Day, but you may get lucky.

Score celebrations? Get ready for the Bananaland leap or a dance-off.

Baseball? Try Banana Ball!

A World Tour should be all over the world? Try one city.

That’s right. In 2021, The Bananas Team created a new way to play baseball. They called it Banana Ball. Then they took that game on the first ever ONE CITY WORLD TOUR (Mobile, Alabama). In 2022, they blew it up to 7 cities changing the name to the Banana Ball World Tour.


Look, there’s too much to talk about when it comes to the Savannah Bananas. Just know when it comes to the Bananas, the only thing you should be asking is, “Is this fun?”

Almost forgot. These players are not just a bunch of banana nuts. They’re also Coastal Plain League Champions, 2016, 2021, and 2022! It truly seems the only thing that does not make the Savannah Bananas unique is that they play baseball (sometimes).

Learn more about the Savannah Bananas or get tickets on their website. Then when you’re ready to plan your hotel stay in Savannah’s beautiful historic district, don’t forget to book with us!

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