You can watch baseball (insert sad trombone sounds), or you can watch Banana Ball (the crowd goes wild)!

Let’s Make Baseball Fun

A bunch of mad scientist The Savannah Bananas have taken all the exciting bits of a baseball game, added some insane shenanigans, and stuffed it all into 2 hours to create Banana Ball.

What is Banana Ball?

Well, it’s baseball with a few added rules.

The Rules

Every Inning Counts

The team that gets the most runs in an inning gets a point.
The first team to five points wins.

No Stepping Out

If batter steps out of the batter’s box at bat, it counts as STEEEEEE-RIKE!

No bunting.

Bunt and you are thrown out of the game.

Batters Can Steal First.

Wild Pitch? Pass Ball? Batter, take a run for first!

No Walks Allowed

If a pitcher throws the fourth ball it becomes a sprint to Home!

No Mound Visits Allowed

No mound visits from the coach, catcher, or any other players.

If a Fan Catches a Foul Ball, It’s an Out!

The rule says it all. Now you can really get in the game!

Two Hour Time Limit

If a team has not reached 5 points after 2 hours the game will go to a Tiebreaker Showdown!

The One-on-One Tiebreaker Showdown

Each team picks one pitcher and one hitter to face off. First team to reach 5 points wins. If the score is tied – the first team to keep the other team from scoring wins.

If these rules sound too crazy to work, you should see them in person! When you get your Banana Ball tickets, don’t forget to book your hotel stay with us in Savannah’s Beautiful Historic District.

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