The Master Plan

In 1733, Savannah’s founder, General James Edward Oglethorpe designed the town in a ward system. The “wards” were planned as four residential blocks and four civic/commercial blocks, in a grid around a central square. The center square is designed to promote a sense of community within the ward and serve as a site for military defense.

The First Four

The first four wards were laid out to the south of Bay Street. From west to east, they are Decker and Derby wards and directly to the south are Heathcote and Percival. These wards were named for benefactors of the Colony and members of the Georgia Trustees. Sir Matthew Decker a member of Parliament and benefactor and The Earl of Derby. Along with George Heathcote, and Lord Viscount Percival, the first President of Trustees.

Name Changes

The Square’s found within these Wards have gone through a few name changes. Decker Square in the Decker ward is Ellis Square. You’ll find Johnson Square in the Derby Ward. Heathcote holds the Telfair Square and two of the Telfair museums. Finally, in Percival Ward you’ll find Wright Square.

While some of our streets, squares, and landmarks have been renamed or removed, many bear their original names and features that are strikingly like what they originally looked like.

All the Squares and their Wards

Here’s a list of the city’s Wards and the squares you can find inside!

Decker Ward | Ellis Square
Derby Ward | Johnson Square
Heathcote Ward | Telfair Square
Percival Ward | Wright Square
Reynolds Ward | Reynolds Square
Anson Ward | Oglethorpe Square
Franklin Ward | Franklin Square
Warren Ward | Warren Square
Washington Ward | Washington Square
Columbia Ward | Columbia Square
Greene Ward | Greene Square
Liberty Ward | Liberty Square
Elbert Ward | Elbert Square

Jackson Ward | Orleans Square
Brown Ward | Chippewa Square
Crawford Ward | Crawford Square
Pulaski Ward | Pulaski Square
Jasper Ward | Madison Square
Lafayette Ward | Lafayette Square
Troup Ward | Troup Square
Chatham Ward | Chatham Square
Monterey Ward | Monterey Square
Calhoun Ward | Calhoun Square
Wesley Ward | Whitefield Square

Liberty and Elbert Square are lost squares.

Because of our city’s rich history, be sure to check back as we share more about each square! Or book your stay TODAY, and enjoy them in person.

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