General Joseph Warren

One of the First Four, Warren Ward and its square were named for General Joseph Warren, who died in 1775 at the Battle of Bunker Hill. While Warren has no direct connection to Savannah, he was a member of the Sons of Liberty, as well as President of the Provincial government of Massachusetts, the highest-ranking politician in the Revolutionary government.

Take a 20 40 Second Getaway

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Historic Homes

Many of the houses on the north and the east sides of the square were built between 1790 and 1820, allowing visitors to imagine how the square looked in its first years of development.

When visiting, check out one of the most notable buildings in the Ward at 426 East Saint Julian Street. Originally owned by infamous shipbuilder Henry Willink, the home was moved from Price Street south of Oglethorpe Avenue and then restored by Jim Williams of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil fame.

The Berrien House on the corner of Habersham St. and Broughton St. is one of the more prominent homes in this ward, as it underwent a long renovation. The home was named for Major John Berrien, a Revolutionary War veteran, and later, Georgia’s State Treasurer. The home was raised in 1971 to add another floor for storefronts.

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