Orleans Square in Jackson Ward

Orleans Square and Jackson Ward names are both tied to the war of 1812. The square memorialized the Battle of New Orleans (1815). While Jackson Ward is named after then General Andrew Jackson who grew to fame during the New Orleans battle.

Take a 20 Second Getaway

Why not take a break at the German Memorial Fountain? Watch the video for a 20 second visit.

Surrounding Streets and the War of 1812

McDonough Street is named for Commodore Isaac McDonough, who triumphed over the British Navy on Lake Champlain in the War of 1812.

The north and south streets are named for Commodores Hull and Perry, who fought and defeated the British on the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

Fun Fact: Many of the names south of Oglethorpe Ave, were laid out after the War of 1812 and named in honor of battles or war heroes from that conflict.

The German Memorial Fountain

In 1989, the German Memorial Fountain (pictured above) and complementary benches were placed in the square to commemorate the early German immigrants to the Colony of Georgia.

The fountains dedication plaque reads:

German Memorial Fountain

This Fountain Commemorates The Religious, Social, Agricultural, Economic, And Political Contributions Of Early German Immigrants To The Establishment And Growth Of The Colony Of Georgia, Erected And Dedicated In 1989 By Their Descendants.

Members Of

Tour Woman’s History

The Harper Fowlkes House, né Champion-McAlpin House, is a recognized historical site thanks to entrepreneur and antiques collector, Alida Harper Fowlkes. Located at 230 Barnard Street, in the southeastern trust lot, the building was designed by the architect Charles Cluskey in 1844 for Aaron Champion. He then bequeathed it to his daughter, Maria (Mrs. James W.) McAlpin.

Then in 1939, Alida Harper Fowlkes bought the property via auction for $9,000. [$191,856.04 – 2022] At the time Fowlkes also owned the She owned The Olde Pink House, ne Georgian Tea Room, on Reynolds Square.

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