Actually, once home to square space, Elbert Ward, like Liberty Ward, has nearly been erased to the progress of time… AKA Highway 17 and Interstate 16.

Elbert Ward and Square

In 1801, Elbert Ward and square were named for Georgia Governor Samuel Elbert, a planter and Revolutionary warrior. It was the first to be laid out south of South Broad Street, now Oglethorpe Ave.

Losing Elbert

Like Liberty and Franklin Ward, the 1930s decision to run US 17, through Montgomery Street dramatically changed the shape of this ward.

Then in 1974, the Savannah Civic Center and its parking area took up the remaining eastern section of the square and ward.

What remains of Elbert Square is a small grassy area to the west of the Civic Center. It’s a nice place to sit waiting for a show to start.

Fun Fact: The Flame of Freedom in Liberty Square was actually erected in Elbert Square in 1969 before it was moved in 1985.

Place of Note

Walk into history and have a bite to eat at one of the remaining historic buildings in this ward at 416 W Liberty Street.

This building has worn many storefronts since 1806. It’s been a Shoe store, Distillery, Restaurant, Bank, Pharmacy, and more.

Rumor has it that when it was Freich’s Pharmacy (1919-1938), the second floor may have been used to produce bathtub gin and homemade beer during Prohibition.

See what’s left of Elbert Square , and then maybe go see a show at the Savannah Civic Center when you book your stay with us

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