The Sgt. William Jasper Green Parade memorializes the nominal Revolutionary War hero who bravely recaptured his brigade’s banner during the Siege of Savannah despite being mortally wounded in the battle. On the day before St. Patrick’s Day every year, a wreath is laid at the Jasper monument in honor of the military. The annual ceremony takes place the day before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Madison Square, where a monument honors Jasper and the men in the Irish Jasper Greens, a Savannah military unit named in his honor in 1842

The parade begins at Johnson Square lead by the St. Patrick’s Day Committee Grand Marshal and military bands to the ceremony site in Madison Square. The ceremony honors all U.S. military, past and present, of Irish descent and otherwise.

Fun Fact:

The Sgt. William Jasper Green Parade and Ceremony is the only St. Patrick’s Day event in Savannah dedicated specifically to the military.

For more information about the Sgt. William Jasper Green Parade, contact the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee at

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