Zunzi’s Takeout and Catering is one of the best restaurants in downtown. Seriously! Using a combination of Swiss, Italian, South African, and Dutch, Zunzi’s brings together unique and delicious flavors with always fresh ingredients.

The Conquistador

Conquering stomachs everywhere and voted the BEST SANDWICH IN THE STATE, the Conquistador Sandwich is a legendary menu item. The Conquistador is seasoned baked chicken sandwich with romaine lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese, Zunzi’s sauce, and Zunzi’s dressing on deliciously fresh baked French bread. Doesn’t that sound good?


After the restaurant moved from their smaller walk-up location on State Street, they combined with another award-winning restaurant and Savannah Lodging fav, Treylor Park to create Zunzibar Cocktails and Dreams. You don’t have to go far to experience (they are in the same building) the unique drinks these two far from usual restaurants created. Who wouldn’t want to try a Frozen Lemony Thicket? I’m sure it won’t end in a series of unfortunate events.

(See what I did there… *ahem* I’ll see myself out)

Plus, the atmosphere only adds to the flavor. You can enjoy Savannah’s fine weather while dining and siping your favorite new drink outside under the large umbrellas. The employees are super welcoming, quick, and friendly. All together, Zunzi’s is a Savannah Lodging favorite for lunch and even dinner!

Remember to book a room steps from one of Savannah’s best restaurants!

 Pet Friendly

Kid Friendly

 Outdoor or Patio Dining Option

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