Ask for a To-Go Cup

The days of, “No Lawyers, No Liquor”, are long gone for the Hostess City. Not only is the sale and consumption of alcohol permitted, but Savannah also has an “Open Container Policy”.

What is an Open Container Policy?

Patrons 21 years of age and older with valid ID can carry one alcoholic beverage as long as those concoctions are held in a transparent plastic or city issued, 16–ounce aluminum cup (not bottles, mugs, or flasks) and must remain in the parameters of the Historic District. This area encompasses everything from Hutchinson Island (across the Savannah River) to Jones Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to West Broad Street. Check our the map below.

So, don’t be surprised if your bartender or server asks if you’d like a to–go cup for your drink! You could also grab a to-go cup as you leave, as most bars and restaurants have to-go cups stacked at the door. As long as you’re in the Historic District and following the rules above, you’ll be able to sip and savor.

Aside from Savannah, few cities in the United States permit patrons to carry drinks in open containers. Other sites with open container policies exceptions include the city of New Orleans and Beale Street in Memphis.

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