Ahhhhh zen….. Take a deep breath…… and let the beauty and positive energy of Savannah’s foliage energize you on this wonderful tour of the trees and nature that can be found in Historic Downtown Savannah. Let’s start the journey to find your zen by stepping out of our hotel and make your way south through next door’s Reynolds Square’s beautiful Live Oaks and if in bloom, beautiful azaleas, before turning east on York Street on your way to Columbia Square.

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Please note that the hours and opportunities listed below are subject to change and may have specific or different health and safety policies.
Please contact the locations before visiting to confirm, before visiting.


Columbia Square

Habersham Street & York Street

This square is particularly interesting, as it is almost entirely shaded by only four Southern Live Oaks! A fantastic example of how far the canopy of these trees can stretch. Now continue south down Habersham Street, all the way to…


Troup Square

Habersham Street & East Harris Street

In addition to Southern Live Oaks, you can find some Black Cherry trees here as well. While the fruit from these trees does not compare to cultivated cherries, they are a vital source of food for wildlife. Continue on Habersham and turn east on East Gordon Street too…


Mother Mathilda Beasley Park

500 East Broad Street

Across the path from the dog park, you can find a wetland retention area filled with many fantastic native tree species: River Birch, American Sycamore, Bald Cypress, and Sweetbay Magnolia to name a few. Trees are a vital part of stormwater management and setting aside areas like these is not only good for flood mitigation but also for wildlife! When you’re ready start west on East Taylor until you reach…


Calhoun Square

Abercorn Street & East Taylor Street

Look for Chinese Fringe Trees growing underneath the canopy of the live oaks in the square. Species that don’t mind growing in lots of shade, like these Fringe Trees, are an important component of our urban forest. Head south on Abercorn Street, then west on East Gaston, to Forsyth Park and…


The Candler Oak

Drayton Street & East Gaston Street

Say, ‘Hello!’ to one of the oldest trees in downtown Savannah: the Candler Oak! This tree is estimated to be about 300 years old and has the first (and only) conservation easement for a single tree! You can read more about this fantastic tree on the sign within the easement. Maybe after a rest by the Forsyth Fountain, continue west on East Gaston Street, then turn north on Bull Street straight ahead to…


Monterey Square

Bull Street & West Taylor Street

Here you can find another tree species that prefers to grow in the shade: the Japanese Maple. This species has been cultivated for centuries for its ornamental qualities, and over 1,000 cultivars have been named! Head to the next square to the north on Bull Street.


Madison Square

Bull Street & West Harris Street

Similar to other squares you can find Southern Live Oaks and Southern Magnolias, but a common nonnative tree species can also be found in this square: Crape Myrtle! The southern end of this square has a fantastic example of just how large these trees can get when they are maintained properly. Let’s head to the west on West Harris Street to our last stop.


Pulaski Square

Barnard Street & West Harris Street

Another iconic southern tree species can be found in this square: The Southern Magnolia! Now is one of the best times of year to look for these trees, as they are producing their bright red seeds in clusters.

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Thanks to our friends at Bike Walk Savannah and Savannah Tree Foundation for sharing this wonderful and relaxing self guided tour of zen. Learn more about Bike Walk Savannah at bikewalksavannah.org and Savannah Tree Foundation at savannahtree.org.

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