Savannah’s Historical Squares: Washington Square

Washington Square was one of several new squares laid out between 1791 and 1801. Boarded by East Bryan, East St. Julian, East Congress, and Houston Street, the square is named after the Revolutionary War general and first, president, Mr. George Washington.  After his first official visit to Savannah in 1791, President Washington sent Savannah two cannons captured from the British in the victory at Yorktown. While in Savannah, he attended several festivities and numerous services at Christ Church.

There are two notable buildings between Price Street and Washington Square – the Hampton Lillibridge House, built between 1796 and 1799, and the Charles Oddingsells House built 1797. Both homes were restored by Jim Williams, a Savannah antique dealer who was best known as the subject of the book and film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Located along East Bryan Street, are three two-story homes built in 1892 in what is known as the Italianate style. This style was inspired by farmhouses of northern Italy and was common throughout Washington Square during the late 19th century. The homes feature low gabled roofs with wide overhanging eaves, entrance towers, and roundhead windows with hood moldings.

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