Adventure Tours in Motion offers a fun and unique was to discover explore Savannah! Segways are exciting and addictive. A true adventure that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. They are intuitive and easy to ride. Riding a Segway is an exhilarating experience to glide effortlessly through the streets of this beautiful city to take in the attractions in Savannah. You’ll love your Savannah Segway Tour so much you’ll blow up your social media with your accomplishment!

Electric bicycles combine the familiarity of a bicycle with the spirit of adventure. Start your Savannah Bike Tour with the twist of the throttle and feel the power! You can choose to pedal or let the bike take you on the adventure. Feel the breeze in your hair with a smile on your face all without breaking a sweat.

Any of the Savannah Segway Tours can accommodate older children who can ride their own electric bicycle while little brother or sister has a secure seat with Mom or Dad on an e-bike. They also have a bicycle built for two for children to ride co-pilot while Mom or Dad do all the work of steering.

Small dogs can enjoy the tour along with their parents from their exclusive bicycle handlebar box seats, also known as a dog carrier. Larger dogs can relax in our office in a roomy kennel while their humans explore the Savannah Segway Tour that suits their curiosity.

Book your stay in the heart of downtown Savannah and schedule your tour today!

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